The Give and Receive Dynamic

The Give and Receive Dynamic is a conceptual tool that is in the making. It was born from a strong awareness of our limiting beliefs, our ability to create repetitive scenarios and our way of relating to ourselves and others.

The objective of this conceptual tool is to support coaching as a lever for transformation and action. It aims to set the trainee in motion towards achieving their goals and results with efficiency and authenticity. Its systemic approach allows the coach to accompany their client in their whole, by mobilising head, heart and body with the consideration of their entourage, context, environment and relationships.

This conceptual tool serves the power of life skills and the emergence of collective intelligence. It opens our field of consciousness on the exchange rule between Give and Receive. These two polarities cannot live without one another and gives us the freedom to act on our behaviours, on our way of entering into relationships and on our ecology.