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Efficiency in communication & reinforcing your leadership

« The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. »

William Arthur Ward

  • Strengthen leadership and managerial capacities.
  • Increase the adaptability and flexibility of employees.
  • Create desire and enthusiasm.
  • Guide the change.
  • Develop client relations.
  • Improve your public speaking.

Our solutions

The Process Com® allows all the actors of the company to have a common tool to cooperate and communicate effectively. It allows to:

  • reconcile pleasure and performance at work,
  • build effective professional relationships,
  • know how to act in stressful situations,
  • developing soft skills at the service of know-how (“savoir-faire”),
  • contribute to the improvement of team and company mutual performance,
  • get to know and understand colleagues better, adapt communication to interlocutors and work better together,
  • take a step back and look at the situation rather than the person,
  • de-dramatise and better manage conflict situations,
  • develop leadership and managerial skills.

Depending on the analysis of your needs and the preliminary diagnosis, we offer you various systems based on Process Com®: workshops, coachings, trainings, conferences…

Sophie’s strength is to feel and reveal the person with respect, by following their rhythm, and finding the path to their hidden treasures. Her support is gentle and effective. The Process Com® comes in support of her analysis and perception. Similar to her, it is a simple way of saying things with kindness. » Isabelle, Legal Director

Managers and especially local managers constantly manage paradoxical injunctions at work. They are an essential cog in the business. They are, on the one hand, confronted with operational and human issues in the field and on the other hand, with the strategic and economic issues of top management.

Practice analysis is a collective process that allows everyone to formalise what they do, to become aware of it and to confront their representation of work, management, their role, their professional relationships and their way of doing and deciding. It allows people to take responsibility, to legitimise and to professionalise oneself while relying on the collective.

What is your goal?

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