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We like to live and share with our customers a Dynamic and Natural Adventure to facilitate the achievement of their objectives.

Our ambition

Our ambition is to create a relationship of proximity and trust with our customers so that it is a model for them in their activities. We guide our clients, explore, build and test with them to draw out their solutions. Each client is unique and has their own evolution and transformation path to meet the global challenges of their organisation.

We rely on shared leadership. We work in a playful, innovative and collaborative manner. We transmit our energy with structure, benevolence and excitement.

Our global approach

We have a global, humanist, fun and collaborative approach. We combine cognitive, emotional, somatic, relational, situational and artificial intelligences thanks to the combination of two main conceptual tools: LIFE + Give and Receive Dynamic®.

This allows an ecological, authentic, powerful and invigorating balance to emerge between the individual and the company or even within a collective.

Our concepts

Our LIFE concept mobilises the head, heart and body of the individual, team or organisation.

Our Give and Receive Dynamic® concept makes it possible to take into account the individual, the team or the organisation in its system, its environment and its context (a system that is structural, organisational, environmental, societal, social, managerial..)

Our tools ans practice

We rely on systemics, neuroscience, transactional analysis, neuro linguistic programming, gestalt, body intelligence and performing arts.

We use and create various tools for individual and collective development (personality inventories, group profiles, games, reflective and educational materials, digital platforms and apps..)

Sophie Bertrand Fondatrice et gérante de Brainbow Coaching & Consulting

Sophie Bertrand: founder and manager

I define myself as an adventurous person given my atypical background, my varied encounters and my multiple interests.

I thrive on challenges, diversity and innovation. I like to transmit a structuring, supporting and stimulating energy. My motto: “Transformation is life!”

  • Coach certified PCC by the International Coach Federation
  • Master in Business Coaching, International Mozaik
  • Certified Supervisor of coaches and support professionals (IDSUP)
  • Practitioner in Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach (INC)
  • Certified coach and trainer in Process Communication (Kahler)
  • Labelled e-coach
  • Trained in active learning coaching (HEC), the human element, perceptual and somatic coaching
  • Active in the professionalization and ethics of the professional support

My portrait through my peers:

Stéphanie who co-created La marelle de la vie with me: “Sophie’s major strength lies in her ability to feel, to pick up on things, sometimes unspeakable, and to show creativity at all times! She knows how to seize the moment and bounce back, make connections, associations, often surprising but most often relevant! She embodies enthusiasm and passion, and is characterised by a spirit that can sometimes baffle more than one… Being accompanied by Sophie is a path imprinted with movement and action towards finding oneself.

Daniel who contributed to the professionalization and ethics of what we do: “I am touched by Sophie’s perky and communicative vitality. In her presence I feel like everything is possible. She is spontaneous the same way children are which I admire so much, when playing games. This capacity to enter another space, playful and magical, in the blink of an eye. Your ability to transform moves me. Wisdom echoes from her name and she brings it to life in such a beautiful way.


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