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Working better together and developing collaborative leadership

«Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.»

Henry Ford

The team, the heart of the company’s excellence

  • Promote and carry the team spirit.
  • Adopt positive mindsets and behaviours.
  • Create synergies.
  • Question behaviours and improve them.
  • Develop one’s performance and quality of life at work.
  • Have a global and systemic view of one’s collective.
  • Allow individual growth within and thanks to the collective.
  • Bring practical communal solutions.
  • Allow mutual aid and the transfer of skills.
  • Go above conflicts and uncertainties.
  • Maintain commitment and motivation within the group.

Our solutions

Work effectively with your peers and develop a culture of mutual support and innovation. CODEV requires managers to actively reflect on their practice and to evolve on their action models. A shared cultural revolution that includes cooperation, transversality and cohesion, to break down internal, individual resistance and silo operating modes. Co-development was conceived by Mr Champagne and Mr Payette to meet the vital needs of managers, learning from real experienced problems in work environments. Co-development allows a positive confrontation between managers and their peers. It promotes mutual aid, autonomy, taking a step back and learning through actions. Participants develop listening skills, trust, open-mindedness, insightful judgement and the ability to cooperate. They benefit from a better perception of their prejudices, their models of analysis, their problem solving and action strategies.

Co-development is a rigorous and simple managerial method that allows each person to:

  • Decompartmentalise the organisation
  • Take a step back for further development of hard skills and soft skills
  • Experience cooperation, solidarity and transversality
  • Detect and resolve professional difficulties or other grievances at work
  • Experiment with innovative managerial practices conducive to the emergence of collective skills and the capitalisation of acquired experience.
  • Identify and implement the team’s improvement margin
  • Determine the issues and become aware of each person’s role and problem
  • Find ecological solutions for all
  • Successfully complete a team split or merge
  • Develop communication, autonomy and synergies
  • Acting instead of reacting
  • Understanding group behavioural dynamics
  • Fighting against dissatisfaction, exhaustion and stress at work
  • Neutralising toxic management
  • Adopting positive mindsets and behaviours
  • Developing well-being, better living and better working

What is your goal?

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