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Succeeding in your cultural & managerial transformation

«When we dream alone it is only a dream, but when many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality.»

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

You wish to achieve :

  • An organisational transformation in the face of socio-economic changes that impact your activity and your performance (competitive pressure, digital revolution, continuous innovation) with the challenge of getting your collaborators to adhere and engage for a better guarantee at success.

  • A managerial transformation in the face of change – in the working world, in digital technology and artificial intelligence (remote work, globalisation) with the challenge to develop and harmonise your managerial practices while strengthening trust, commitment, accountability, pleasure and well-being at work.

  • A cultural transformation in a context of managing multi-generations, diversity, integration (newcomers, new profiles, disabilities), CSR with the challenge of equity, exemplarity, credibility, quality, reliability and traceability within your company.

Our solutions

Tailored transformation system with a combination of several interventions that mobilise all hierarchical levels (support for the management team, steering committee, workshops, working group, co-development, training, supervision, team coaching , individual coaching, etc).


“Sophie gives shape to the project, asks the right questions, infuses her energy, has a positive approach in the action, shows strong support throughout the service, follows the evolution and is available for her client.” Valérie, Executive Assistant.


“This support has made it possible to bring people with divergent opinions together, in order to find solutions to move forward. Sophie federates and unites. She listens and is proactive even in sensitive situations. » Marielle, project manager.


“Sophie is enthusiastic, dynamic and efficient. She demonstrates a quick adaptation to the issues raised. She knows how to be available and integrate effectively into complex and diversified environments. She has an exceptional rapport. » Stéphane, project manager.


“Sophie provided an efficient service, with support but above all adapted to the need. It created awareness among everyone. Sophie has a great ability to express herself, to get people to join and to federate around a common objective.” Roland, Department Director.


“I retain the energy, the drawings and the very evocative words, the use of everyone’s remarks and anecdotes for a collective awareness of the issues without taboos. I notice the strength of cross-functional work and the importance of mobilising the entire group to find solutions and engage individually and collectively. Butterfly Effect! » Elodie, Team Leader.

What is it? Watch and see!

You’d like to develop your leadership position, broaden your awareness, adopt new strategies, manage play of power, decisions and arbitration to ensure the success of your business.

You want to inspire your managers and employees, get them on board and give them the necessary impetus to undertake and succeed in change.

You need to take a step back and observe to maintain your credibility and legitimacy, to measure your impact on your employees, partners and clients.

“Coaching has really helped me to take a step back from my practices and to integrate tools into my professional and personal daily life. It went beyond strictly professional objectives, allowing me to work on myself to move forward and progress.”  Christine, Hub Director

“The added value of coaching lies in the coach’s ability to finely identify the deep personality of the coachee. Thanks to Sophie’s holistic approach and her qualities of personalization and confidence-building, I have a more global vision of my needs and my trajectory. » Elisabeth, Hub Director

Similar to the leader, the leadership team carries the company’s excellence, energy and vitality. They have a strong impact on the organisation’s vision, governance and ability to transform itself. Collective leadership, cooperation, co-responsibility and co-creation are key. Supervision allows each member to take a step aside, to identify and address the malfunctions that impact the operational teams. It makes it possible to align managerial practices, improve decision-making processes and crisis management.

“This support framework is reassuring and adapted to our needs. It promotes listening, the quality of exchanges and adaptability, which allows me to change my position on a daily basis”. Bérengère, Cabinet Associate CEO

What is your goal?

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