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Our clients

Some of our adventurers’ testimonies

«Sophie accompanied us on the themes of coaching, change and leadership. We appreciated, within the company, her competence, her ability to listen and her great understanding of the issues…»

«Sophie is enthusiastic, dynamic and efficient. She adapts quickly to the problems posed. She is available and knows how to integrate effectively into complex and diversified environments. She has an exceptional relational.»

«Very dynamic, attentive to your needs, accessible. She will adapt to boost you personally or for a work team. Person who has a very positive charisma and who will pass it on to you. With Sophie, life smiles at you!»

«Efficient and followed-up performance but above all adapted to the need. You have a great ability to express yourself, to get people to join, to federate around a common objective, all from a common base that is not necessarily easy to define for everyone. In addition, you put forward proposals even in sensitive situations.”»

«It was a pleasure to work with such a dynamic, demanding, very professional, always smiling and optimistic person.»

«Sophie knows how to put people at ease and is a great listener, I quickly trusted her. She knows how to accompany you gently on the path of reflection and the changes to be made for your personal development. Always listening, her advice makes sense.»

«You were able to put everyone at ease and in a trusting environment, which was not necessarily easy. This accompaniment goes back a long way now and I remember it almost as if it were yesterday.»

«How efficient!!! Wholesome person, who challenges people’s preconceived ideas to find the real roots of problems. Sophie is uncompromising, while having a strong ability to listen and an ability to federate around the objective given to her.

Thank you for this journey. All this work has been very important and very rewarding for me.»

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