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Brainbow Coaching & Consulting

Facilitating sustainable transformations, managerial innovation and collective intelligence

We intervene :

  • in your organisational, operational, managerial and individual transformation projects ;
  • at all levels of the company (organisation, co-directors, leaders, managers, teams, internal coaches) ;
  • in normal times as well as in times of crisis ;
  • with a 360° view of your project.

We offer tailor-made solutions for leaders, managers, teams, Human Resources leaders and managers, work psychologists, mentors, corporate trainers, consultants, internal and external coaches :

  • organisational and team coaching ;
  • individual coaching for executives, leaders, project managers;
  • supervision, mentoring and reflexivity;
  • e-coaching, e-supervision (digital platform);
  • Qualiopi-certified training actions in leadership, management, communication, relationship management, personal development (manager coach, remote work, group work);
  • career management and skills assessment (meets the Qualiopi requirements of 22 indicators of the national quality benchmark).

What is your goal?

Sophie Bertrand Fondatrice et gérante de Brainbow Coaching & Consulting

Sophie Bertrand

Manager, Supervisor, Coach & Consultant

“I founded Brainbow Coaching & Consulting to help individuals reach their professional aspirations. I am committed to participating in talent development, to transmitting savoir-faire and interpersonal skills, collaborative work, seeing collective intelligence emerge, and finding efficiency and fulfilment at work.

I rely on a network of professionals and partners, rich in diversity and multiple skills. We approach each case like an adventure to meet the challenges of every organisation (VSE, SME, BB, public, private) and its participants.

We build new solutions with them, taking into account the complexity of the company, its relationships and its environment

Nos clients aventuriers témoignent

“Dynamic and punchy, Sophie is a real breath of fresh air to help you gain elevation. I highly recommend her coaching skills.”
Virginia COMTE
Head of Human Resources, Head of HR & Membre of ANDRH Midi-Pyrénées
“Sophie is an exceptional coach! She adapted perfectly to my profile and helped me overcome my Burn Out. A good listener, she was also able to guide me towards a skills assessment to help me get back on my feet. I actually had the opportunity to do this with her, and her professionalism was one of the key success factors of my journey. I recommend Sophie to many people around me - she is an attentive coach, perfectly in her role and who knows how to help us reveal ourselves.”
Team Manager & Advisor at CERFRANCE Champagne Nord Est Île de France
“Sophie is a coach who listens and relies on simple, effective and easy methods to support individual and collective managerial issues. She is of valuable help in developing self-confidence and finding the right stances to have depending on the topic. She offers personalised and well structured support. I highly recommend her!”
Head of Department, Drug Metabolism & Distribution
“Sophie accompanied us on the themes of coaching, change and leadership. Within the company, we appreciated her competence, her listening skills, her great understanding of the issues, her human qualities and the relevance of her tools.”
Human Resources Director, CSR & Quality at Atlantique Habitations
“I had the pleasure of benefiting from Sophie's coaching for almost a year. This was very beneficial thanks to Sophie's personality and method. Goals are clearly identified from the get-go, and different tools and discussions allow them to be revisited and achieved. Sophie also knows how to adapt to new needs without ever losing the conducting line of her work. I’ve already recommended Sophie to others within my company and she knew how to adapt to different personalities and needs. I share this recommendation to a wider audience.”
Marie-Maud BEAR
Research Associate at Corning Incorporated



2024 offers new opportunity for coaching supervision, executive and manager supervision contact us to know more!
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